Keep Your Plants Healthy and Thriving

Turn to us for plant healthcare services in Maplewood & White Bear Lake, MN

Have your plants been damaged by pests? Peach Tree Care has you covered. We provide plant healthcare services in the Maplewood & White Bear Lake, MN area. We'll use Reiki methods to support a natural healing process and promote a sense of balance for your plants.

Don't let your plants wither and die. Reach out to us today to arrange for plant healthcare services.

What Reiki can do for your plants

Plants are living beings that can experience stress and trauma, just like humans and animals. Reiki healing will help your plants to grow unimpeded. Healing trees and plants isn't all Reiki is useful for, though.

Reiki healing can be used to:

  • Promote healthy growth
  • Improve a plant's ability to absorb nutrients and water
  • Enhance a plant's natural resistance to pests and disease

Healing trees is one of our special talents. Call us now at 612-231-9687 to schedule plant healthcare services.

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